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A company
with history
and own brightness

We were born in April of 1946 with the name Warehouse Mauro, a traditional business that offered materials for construction, food and household items.

In these more than 70 years we have evolved to position ourselves as a solid national company, specialized in the commercialization of electrical materials, lighting and datacom.


Today, we serve all sectors of the country and we have a dynamic organizational structure that responds to the needs and demands of different markets. We provide a comprehensive service to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

With our team of specialist consultants and engineers, we are able to provide solutions on a day-to-day basis in the construction, hospitality, residential, corporate, industry, health, education, energy sectors, among others.

our team

We are united by the passion for excellence and exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners. This drives us to maintain our leadership and innovate according to the times.

tradition of quality, experience and seriousness

From the beginning, Mauro was developed as a family business, an identity that we have managed to maintain to this day. This feature allows us to have a broad historical experience and gives us a closer relationship with our business partners.

Our company is based on offering only products with the highest quality standards, as well as the service of a timely and reliable advice.

Learning is part of our DNA, which is why we keep our staff in constant training.


Our pillars




We are specialists in the commercialization of electrical materials, lighting and datacom for commercial, residential and industrial use.


Our value proposition to customers is based on the wide range of innovative and high quality products, and a customer service and advice that distinguishes us by being timely and reliable.

Quality Policies


We fulfill our Mission based on the following principles and values:


  • Customer orientation
  • Productivity and focus on results
  • Integrity and commitment
  • Teamwork and assertive communication
  • Attachment to the management system and continuous improvement